Vectorizing low-quality wallpapers

I fell in love with this AI-generated wallpaper, but was excessively annoyed by the JPEG artifacts. So I vectorized it (thanks to Twix for the idea!) and now I can scale it up to any resolution I want with this SVG :)

Cat Cave Wallpaper

If you want to do this too with one of your pictures, there's plenty of different tools you can use for vectorization, like Inkscape's "Trace Bitmap" feature. For this particular image, I used (used to be free, now they unfortunately charge money.)

Something about this wallpaper is just incredibly cozy. How the walls surround and protect the viewer. How nature's story continues, long after we're gone. It reminds me much of the cat cave at the very start of the game "Stray":

Screenshot of the beginning of the game "Stray"

— 2023-10-22, by hut, tags: #art